Become a MNFST Partner and earn up to $5000 a month
If you love a brand and know a relevant person there, please connect us. 5% of active campaign budget will be sent to your bank account monthly.
Introduce us



Drop the contacts of a person working at a brand at



We make an intro about our platform for the brand



Launches a campaign and confirms you as a Partner


You earn while brand’s campaign is live

You get up to 5% of campaigns budget on your bank account. Paid monthly.

Top questions from Partners
Who might be interested in running campaigns with MNFST?

MNFST helps build community around brands and make social media promotion for brands cheaper and more effective. So, if you see that a brand has ads in Social Networks or has a very active Instagram account, it surely will be interested in hearing about MNFST. It can be literally any brand in style, fashion, banking, telecom and other consumer services.

Why should I refer only people I know personally from brands?

From our experience, it is useless to contact brands via general e-mail addresses such as "info" or "contact". So, please drop us a personal working e-mail of a person you know at a brand with his or her position and brand description.

Should I contact a brand before referring it?

The short answer is YES. Because a brand is more likely to notice an e-mail from MNFST when it is anticipating one. We kindly ask you to get a preliminary interest in MNFST from the brand. You may describe your personal experience with the MNFST app from the user’s point of view to explain our platform mechanics to the brand.

How do I get paid?

MNFST pays you for active campaigns run by your referral brand. We pay 5% of the campaign budget spent. Considering that most campaigns start at $10,000, you may earn a lot. Before the start of the campaign, we sign a contract with you. We pay monthly to any bank account of your wish.